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Fußgängerzone Kehl
The city of Kehl, located on the Rhine just opposite Strasbourg, has a dynamic local economy and also benefits from drawing French and German consumers from the surrounding area. Our city is known for its historic center, and our clients appreciate our large pedestrian zone and numerous shops. Whether you plan on taking advantage of our numerous shopping opportunities or just exploring the town, access to Kehl is simple, with over 2,000 parking spots, some of which are free, as well excellent bus and train service. Let yourself be surprised by our large variety of establishments where you'll enjoy a warm welcome, quality service, and personalized assistance. For an overview of the shops and services proposed, please contact the City Forum Kehl association.

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Feel like a break from the bustle of city center? Kehl's many cafés will give you a place to sit back and enjoy a coffee or tea, or try a local German beer. And to make the end of your day in Kehl a relaxing one, there's no need to go far; the city rose garden, the meandering old Rhine, and the Rhine riverbanks are all within walking distance of city center. So come and see for yourself! Both Kehl's shops and the Stadtmarketing- und Wirtschaftsförderungs-GmbH (Kehl Marketing and Economic Development (LLC/Ltd.)) would be pleased to welcome you.

City-Center Kehl
The city of Kehl strives to constantly adapt to the changing needs of our clients and visitors, by, for example, conducting visitor surveys, analyzing our urban environment, and polling shops on the performance of test products developed by the association of shopkeepers.
As a permanent contact for shops in our city, we attempt to resolve any problems that may arise quickly and efficiently. Shopkeepers can stay informed about current issues and problems concerning business in Kehl through our bi-annual open meetings.

Fußgängerzone Kehl
Our goal is to promote both local commerce and the domiciling of businesses in our city. We hope to involve the inhabitants of Kehl and its surroundings in this process: we would like Kehl's development to have as many contributors as possible. Our efforts are largely concentrated on our city center, and we currently support a number of projects whose goal is to make city center even more attractive and liveable. We also work to encourage the growing interest which our French neighbors have for Kehl. All of the events we organize are published in both German and French media outlets. And of course, customer service and support in Kehl's shops are also provided in French.

Citymarketing's principal activities include:

  • Representing the interests of business owners
  • Engaging in a privileged dialogue with business owners
  • Facilitating cooperation between the city administration and business owners 
  • Planning events with extended hours in city center as well as organizing activities for children and adults
  • Organizing Kehl's Christmas market, Christmas light display and the decoration of city center
  • Supporting shopkeeper-organized events (e.g. the “Messdi”)
  • Managing unoccupied buildings
  • Participating in city planning and beautification

Parking in Kehl

There are a number of parking options in city center, including near the pedestrian zone. For a parking map please click here.


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