Starting a Business

Young entrepreneurs, with their creativity and flexibility, are essential for value creation. We consider them to be valued contributors to the positive development of our city.

Starting a business is always a challenge– that's why we'd like to help. We can assist you in setting up your business as well as in ensuring its long-term viability.
We provide access to a network of professionals including chambers of commerce and industry, banks, Offenburg's business incubator (TechnologiePark Offenburg), tax advisors, lawyers as well as a number of informational centers specializing in cross-border questions. Our team of partners would be happy to assist you. 

Contact us if you:
• would like to start a business
• are taking over a business
• have recently started a business

We provide personalized information and assistance to help you establish a business plan. Our advice and assistance cover such subjects as project preparation and realization, obtaining subsidies, taking over a business as well as problems encountered during startup. For these questions and more, our network of contacts is at your disposal.

To make things as easy as possible, we've created a free Guide to Starting a Business in Kehl.

Local Formalities for Starting a Business
Creating a business in Kehl requires that you make either a declaration or an authorization request, depending on the nature of your activity.
While some activities require a formal authorization, approximately 80% of businesses require only a simple declaration.
To find out if your business requires an authorization to operate in Kehl, please contact (in German only):
N. T. Glöckner                                                             J. Winkler
Kehl municipal administration                                     Kehl municipal administration
Tel: +49 7851 88-3400                          or                   Tel: +49 7851 88-3401                        

If your business requires an authorization to operate in Kehl, we encourage you to contact our partners at City Hall and, if need be, schedule an appointment.

To declare or request an authorization for your business, please print and fill out the Business Declaration and Authorization Form and return it to City Hall.
Processing fees for requests are set at:
• Declaration: 15€
• Authorization: varies according to type and scope of business activity


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